Friday, February 08, 2008

Blue Island Almanack

If you have found Sociological Stew of interest you might want to check out the new group blog Blue Island Almanack to which I contribute. Blue Island Almanack was the brainchild of blogger e.r. dunhill, and is a group effort involving e.r. dunhill, myself, and bloggers Progressive and Panhandle Poet.

As the name Blue Island Almanack suggests, the one thing all four of the contributors share is a concern about this blue ball in space that is our home. The blog description is:
Humans share a great and contentious resource in our collective home, this blue island in space. This blog is a place for authors and readers to explore the collective connection of economy, education, environment, and ethics through articles, essays, and debates.

The bloggers in our little crew are politically diverse, from conservative to centrist to liberal, although none of us are too comfortable with labels. We've started out as we hope to continue, with lively -- but respectful -- debate. All too often, especially in the blogosphere we only read and listen to those with whom we agree. Blue Island Almanack hopes to remedy that in the months to come.