Sunday, September 25, 2005

CNN in alternate universe

Made a big mistake. Wanted to get news about the big anti-war protest in Washington Saturday. Watched CNN. Entered alternate universe of CNN where nothing happened in Washington worth reporting on until today, when 400 pro-war demonstrators gathered.

My husband has been telling me for a year that CNN was just as pro-war as Fox News. I kept rationalizing it. Had to bow down today and admit, once again, that he's always right and I'm always wrong. I really hate it when that happens.

Noticed that ABC News had a good piece on-line. That's what most of the liberal/progressive/anti-war bloggers had linked in their pieces. It's date lined after 9 PM Eastern time. Did ABC cover it on the nightly news Saturday?

Will I go into class on Monday and find that none of my students (mostly Fox News and CNN watchers) are also in that alternate reality in which there are no large protest marches on Washington? I don't want to live in a reality in which 100,000 plus people can march in Washington and no one know about it. Obviously I'm hopelessly naive.

I know that all kinds of information lives in on the web, but I live and teach among people who are not web users (for anything other than the current NASCAR standings and their favorite pics of Britanny Spears). Makes it hard to communicate.

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