Friday, July 27, 2007

There is a "Simpsons" for everything (spoiler alert)

While I thoroughly enjoy The Simpsons my husband, John, not only loves the show, he has filed away dialog from most of the 400 episodes of the show. No matter what the situation in life, John an dredge up a line from The Simpsons that is perfect for the occasion -- even if it is just "d'oh!"

So of course, we had to take the afternoon off today and go to see The Simpsons Movie. It was utterly delightful, and utterly "Simpsons". My all time favorite Simpsons episode was one in which Marge and Homer in an attempt to rekindle the romantic spark, are making love inside the windmill at the minature golf course, and lose their clothes. They sneak home through town with strategic objects covering their "naughty bits", with a hysterical climax in which Homer, hanging from a hot air balloon, slides naked up the glass ceiling of the Crystal Cathedral in view of all the parishoners. This obviously must have also been one of Groening's favorite moments, because he does a funny, fresh and equally hysterical homage to it, this time with Bart as the naked body fliting through town.

The best part of our movie viewing experience, however, was utterly unscripted. A large family with several children, including one small girl about 6 years old was viewing the movie with us. The little girl was clearly delighted with the film, and laughed frequently. There is an important dramatic pause in the movie, where the action comes to an abrupt halt, and suddenly we hear this little girl piping up plantively: "I wanna see another one." Clearly Maggie was her favorite character, and towards the end of the film, when Maggie helps to save the day, this little movie gower actually whooped and cheered with glee.

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one and only hypnos said...

The Simpsons are the best. I have always been a fan and look forward to seeing the movie very soon.