Wednesday, August 13, 2008

power, the individual and the community

People often feel powerless in the face of changes in the economy and decisions by state and federal governments. However, when ordinary citizens come together on common issues, and especially when they work through their local government representatives (majors and town councils) they can have considerable influence on the course of broader events.

Chris McClure at Common Sense Agriculture, Conservation and Energy has an interesting post about a film Texas Coal Wars (see widget in side bar for link to film), that shows how Texas communities large and small came together in a coalition with other groups to oppose construction of new coal-fired electric plants.

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SBVOR said...

Okay, you’ve heard the environmental extremist propaganda on The Texas Coal Wars.

Now, here the facts (as reported by that charter member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, the “GLOBAL EDITION” of the Old York Times):

3/8/07 - TXU cancellation of coal plants leaves gap in Texas energy future.

Now, review this post and debunk some more of the propaganda.

It sounds to me like Governor Perry is properly looking after his citizens.